Solla Pizzuto


Solla Pizzuto

Healer, Chi Nei Tsang, Massage, Facials

Certifications: Chi Nei Tsang, Holistic Healing Tao Tantra Practitioner Bodywork, Massage Therapies, Aesthetician, Certified Yoga-Qi Gong Teacher, Universal Healing Tao Global Educator, Acupuncture and Herb Medicine, Author
Specialties: Advanced Full Body Chi Nei Tsang, Tantra Couples Journey, Rejuvenating Specialized Holistic Facials, Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork, Women’s Health and Vitality Pre & Post Natal, Lymphatic and MyoFascial Release

Solla Pizzuto is an International Senior Universal Healing Tao instructor, advanced Chi Nei Tsang specialist, clinical aesthetician, bodywork massage therapist, certified yoga teacher, educational provider for the National Certification Board for Massage and Bodywork NCBTMB Professionals, and the lead Tantra facilitator at Tikkun Holistic Spa in Santa Monica, CA.

Solla’s background includes service as a veteran combat medic of the US Army, OB-GYN and pediatrics nurse, pre-med major, and master’s in psychology, PhD studies in PsychoPhysiology, Doctoral in Acupuncture and Herb Medicine. She began massaging her family since the age of eight in her cultural Korean household. With over three decades of hands-on professional experience, Solla has had the honorable pleasure of working with and providing educational training for award-winning, world-class industry leaders in the wellness, holistic health, healing arts, skin care, massage therapy, spa, Tantra, Qi Life Force disciplines, and Ancient Taoist arena practices.

Solla has traveled across the globe and experienced spiritual journeys in India and Asia. Her unwavering passion to share the ancient teachings of Tao vitality and integrate healing modalities as a soul-nourishing and longevity practice has inspired intense mastery studies in Thailand directly with world-renown Taoist GrandMaster Mantak Chia, in addition to Source School of Tantra with Charles Muir, Chandra Bindu Tantra Institute with Dawn Cartwright, Margot Anand’s SkyDancing School which is the world’s leading authority on ecstatic Tantra, and a multitude of related spiritual workshops.

Solla facilitates the teachings of integrating the heart and soul-nurturing elements of Tantra and Tao in practical everyday life for conscious love, vitality, health, and harmony.

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Solla’s Own Words About the Tantra Journey:

“One of my greatest delights is to facilitate a beautiful Tantra Journey for couples. The Tantra sessions are created on the spot for couples seeking an experience of a soul-to-soul heart connection, endowed with the richness of practical rituals of honoring, worship, and presence.

I take the couples to a place where they are gifting each other with open hearts, expansion, conscious love, and deeper connection. They are also empowered to Tao Tantra homecare practices to infuse what they’re learned in their private sessions for applications in their daily life with family and relationships. Each time I am honored to guidance in these rituals of love connection, I gain immense personal growth as a human being and am humbled over and over again.”

Solla’s Own Words About Chi Nei Tsang:

“In regards to my healing massage practice, I love what I do through my work. There’s a beautiful arch of positive healing energy that is exchanged between the recipient and myself. I am privileged to the most gratifying experience and elevation as a human being each time I am honored to hold space for healing, nurturing, and mending.”

Solla’s Chi Nei Tsang Testimony

Solla’s Chi Nei Tsang Testimony

V Steam (Vaginal Steam) plus Chi Nei Tsang Benefits

Chi Nei Tsang and Tantra Journey at Tikkkun Spa Interview


“I had an amazing experience working with Solla this past week. To top it off she is a truly wonderful person, extremely caring, intuitive, and energetic. She has a solution for everything you can imagine. I went in with migraines and she suggested seaweed and coconut water. She even followed up with me as a reminder via email and asked how my headaches have been!

It’s always nice to work with people you feel truly care about your wellbeing. The massage was out of this world. She combined deep tissue, reflexology and Swedish for incredible a results. She works by intuition, tuning into your body and what it needs. I would visit her daily if I could! I haven’t had a headache since I saw her. I’d recommend her to everybody.” ~Amanda Reta – Santa Monica, CA 

“I had by far the most amazing deep tissue massage  with Solla at Tikkun Holistic Spa! Anyone who thinks that a petite woman can’t dig deep is quite mistaken. I love an intense massage and Solla not only was a natural at finding the right pressure, but she found areas that needed work that I didn’t even realize were in need of some TLC.

I was traveling from NYC and have regular massages at home, but none compared to the magic that this woman provides. Not only did I feel comfortable with her, but she is so knowledgeable about her art of massage that she helped coach me to breathe and relax into the massage so that I could benefit from it even more. I can’t wait to travel across the country again just to see her and my suggestion – get the 90-minute massage. You won’t want it to end!”  ~Monica L. – NY, NY

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful treatment. My skin was glowing! I have had many treatments and all over the world. But being in your care was by far one of my favorite experiences. Not only are you well skilled and knowledgeable, but you truly heal. You are such a beautiful darling and I feel blessed to have met you. Thank you again.” ~Veronica Loren, Artist – Los Angeles, CA

“Tikkun is my favorite spa that I’ve been to in LA and NY. Every time I come, the service is impeccable; the facility is luxurious, accessible, relaxing, and clean. The hot tubs, steam rooms, salt rooms and massage rooms are so nice. I usually stay for an hour before and after to take advantage of the extra detox options and fresh fruit and hot tea.

The last session that I had was with Solla, who gave me the most amazing and energizing massage and experience. Not only is she skilled with her massage techniques, she gave me this incredible Chi Nei Tsang work which I had never had before. I have studied chi kung, meditation, Reiki and some other energy work. But what Solla did was so incredible. She did a stomach and pressure point massage that pin pointed areas in my body that were holding chi energy and releasing stuck emotions. If you are familiar with the energy arts, you will understand how much more efficient and all-encompassing this type of healing is.

I had been going through some big transitions in my life, and she could tell by where my body was tense, which emotions were in the way… with barely touching me she had a huge sense of what I needed both physically and energetically to make me feel better and more balanced.

I would highly recommend Solla and the Tikkun Spa to anyone. I have had the best experiences there and have been a number of times. You can’t get better service for your money.” ~Ellen Chapelle, Owner/Director at The Bridge for Dance, Inc.

“Solla, thanks for the Tantra Journey. It was a special time and we know our souls connected to a higher level in the present moment. Thanks so much.” ~Michelle S. Recruitment Specialists – Australia 

“I found Solla’s work to be deeply impactful in releasing psychological and physical patterns of tension that had grown throughout my first years of motherhood. After our session, I felt much freer. The effects of the session lasted for days, and in fact marked a turning point in my ability to connect again with Chi Kung practices that had been such a crucial part of my self-care. Chronic pain dissipated, I felt stronger, less “stuck” and more connected to my own life force and healing energy.

Solla is highly recommended for anyone seeking a targeted, profoundly pleasurable bodywork experience that brings lasting results. She is the real thing, and has a vast amount of training to inform her natural talent.” ~Tiffiny Fyans, Chi Nei Tsang Senior Instructor and Director of Education at Chi Nei Tsang Institute of Berkley, CA