Tikkun Spa's Skin care Products

The following PRODUCTS can be purchased at our office:


The key to ARCONA’s effectiveness is its active ingredients and the way they are combined and processed. Cosmeceutical-grade ingredients, such as enzymes, antioxidants, and amino acids, are formulated to work synergistically to deliver powerful results. These active ingredients are cold-processed at very low temperatures in small batches to keep them active and effective.

Because cold processing is labor and time-intensive, most skin care products, even the expensive ones that may begin with quality ingredients, are heat-processed, which ultimately leaves nutrients lifeless and ineffective. Think of what happens to fresh vegetables when they are overcooked!

All of Karen’s products are created with the utmost care, using only the purest, high-performance, Personal Care Product Council-certified ingredients available.

Devoted to promoting healthy and naturally radiant skin, Karen’s products are enhanced with beautifying vitamins, natural antioxidants, healing botanicals, plant emollients, and organic plant and fruit extracts. All extracts and oils are high-potency and high quality ingredients for gentle yet effective support to skin’s natural regenerative capabilities needed for naturally radiant and flawless skin.

Over the years, Obagi Medical Products, Inc., has developed clinically proven skin health products and systems primarily for dermatology, plastic surgery, and related aesthetic markets. Using its Penetrating Therapeutics™ technology, Obagi products are designed to improve penetration of prescription and cosmetic agents across the skin barrier to minimize premature aging, skin damage, hyperpigmentation, acne, sun damage, and the signs and symptoms of rosacea.

The HydraFacial MD® Daily Essentials™ provide you with detoxification, rejuvenation, and protection while targeting your specific skin concerns. The HydraFacial MD® Daily Essentials™ are an extension of the treatment, maintaining and enhancing results between procedures. Each product is formulated with the same performing ingredients found in each in-office treatment. Together, they are essential for achieving healthy skin.

Founded in 2006, Vitality Institute Medical Products is recognized as a leader in medical skin care, manufacturing an innovative line of products that reverse and prevent skin aging for beautiful skin that lasts a lifetime. Skin that is properly maintained by chemical peel treatments on a regular basis and appropriate daily care stays healthy, youthful, and radiant at any age.

Hymed Reconstructive Creme: An incredible concentrated super moisturizing, nourishing treatment perfect for dry skin on the body, including hyaluronic acid and Vitamins A and E.

Fallene has worked extra hard to develop nothing short of the world’s finest line of skin care protection from the fullest spectrum of solar radiation. Their different formulas are each carefully engineered to balance specific needs and conditions and offer you unparalleled defense against the relentless effects of the sun.

Tizo products are mineral-based, free of chemical sunscreen filters, and engineered to better balance specific needs. Undoubtedly, one of the world’s best solar protection skincare products.

LATISSE® (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) 0.03% — the first and only FDA- approved treatment for inadequate or not enough lashes.

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