Dr. DoAnn T. Kaneko, PhD, LAc


Dr. DoAnn T. Kaneko, PhD, LAc

Specialties: Shiatsu and Anma Therapy, Energetic Healing Arts,
Stress-Related Disorders, Chronic Pain, Rehabilitation, Acupuncture

Dr. Kaneko is a second generation in oriental medicine and practicing and teaching Shiatsu – Anma therapy, acupuncture, moxibustion, herbs, Chigong, Daoyin, Transssage, and guided mediation for over 40 years. He was a founder of Tao Healing Arts center (1978-2008) and Shiatsu Massage School of CA (1982-2014). He also was one of the original founding members of A.O.B.T.A. in the USA and Shiatsu Association of America in Southern California. He was also once the president of the Japanese Acupuncture Association of California.

Dr. Kaneko is currently an acupuncture diplomat from the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and senior instructor of the American Organization for Bodywork Therapists of Asia. He has published books and DVDs specializing in Shiatsu – Anma, Chigong, and Daoyin and a children’s book for peace and healing. He has taught thousands of students, and they are very active in public education and practicing holistic medicine throughout the USA.

Dr. Kaneko’s Specialty

Dr. Kaneko has integrated the East with the West in the field of energetic healing arts. Based on TCM and enlightenment experience in Buddhist medicine, he integrated it with quantum medicine. This new paradigm of the healing arts has reached the concept of ‘Healing at Home.’ It is the practitioners’ and therapists’ responsibility to guide and educate the patients and clients in a healthy lifestyle. Eventually, it is only almighty God (Saints, Jesus Christ, Shakamuni Buddha, or the Universe, the Divine Light) within each soul that heals.

Powerful healing energy, that transcends time and space, continues after a deep session with Dr. Kaneko. This concept is applied for every possible condition, physical pain, complaints, psychosomatic suffering, stress-related disorders, and chronic constitutional issues.

For more information regarding Dr. Kaneko’s practice and classes, visit www.chi-time.com.

Dr. Kaneko’s Children’s Book

The famous hundred-year-old Japanese folklore, “The Story of the Bamboo Princess” or “The Story of Bamboo Cutter” is going to be presented at the Academy Awards to win first place in the category of best foreign animation film. And now, Dr.DoAnn T. Kaneko’s children’s book called “The Bamboo Princess and The Music Hands Man” is available at www.chi-time.com. Dr.Kaneko developed the deeper messages of Laughter of the Monkey Business and the Healing Arts of Music Hands. The whole family is guaranteed to enjoy the original lovely Tuohy family and the positive, unique, and original bamboo princess story. It is a happy, peaceful, and healing world.

In Dr. Kaneko’s Own Words:

“I love to serve for God. I present him a shining crystal ball shining like a star in the universe made out of all smiling golden happiness I have received from my patients and students. Whenever I could touch to their pure light; the truth of life by awaking from the fundamental darkness, they are transforming poison into the medicine. This total awareness and practice of Wisdom for enlightenment, enlightenment for compassion, compassion for happiness for others, unconditional happiness for ourselves, these are my formulas for the healing process.”


“Early in 2013 I became unable to move my left arm and shoulder. The slightest movement was very painful resulting in the use of a sling to provide stability. I went to my regular physician who diagnosed it as ‘frozen shoulder,’ a very common condition among men in my age group. He referred me to an orthopedic surgeon who, after analyzing my MRI, said I would need an operation to correct the condition. I was also told I would never play golf again at a high level.

A close friend urged me to see Dr. Kaneko for an alternative therapy. After a consultation with Dr. Kaneko, I began a short series of therapeutic sessions that relieved my pain almost immediately. After several additional sessions, he was able to restore my range of motion and unfreeze my left shoulder. Within a couple of months my ability to play golf at my previous level had returned. It has been more than a year, my shoulder has not bothered me at all and my golf continues to improve. Because golf has been so important to me throughout my life, I will be eternally grateful for Dr. Kaneko.” ~Andrew S.

“After years of computer work, I woke up one morning with terrible pain between my shoulder blades. I spent that day trying to massage it for relief; a huge mistake! The next morning, I woke up with the worst pain imaginable going all the way down my left arm. It felt like someone bashed my arm several times with a baseball bat. I went to the local emergency room, but all they did was prescribe a lot of muscle relaxers and painkillers. However, the pain was so bad, I had to take them.

After about two weeks, I realized these pills were not the solution and had their own set of risks. At this point, I was referred to Dr. Kaneko but I had no experience with Eastern medicine.  However, while I explained to Dr. Kaneko I needed measurable results to justify continued therapy, I remained open-minded. Together, we established a realistic set of expectations and a path forward that primarily included shiatsu and acupuncture.

Within a few sessions, the pain in my arm had gradually subsided. However, after an MRI of my cervical and thoracic spine, it was ultimately determined I had seven bulging discs of varying degrees that been the source of the nerve damage that yielded the massive pain.

At this point, I was independently referred to a highly regarded neurosurgeon in Marina Del Rey. After looking at the MRI, he insisted I needed surgery and I needed it right away. I was told if I did not have the surgery performed immediately, the problem would only get worse over time.

The advice I received from friends and family was to avoid surgery at all costs. In complete agreement with this advice, I continued my work with Dr. Kaneko. After 10-12 sessions, all pain in my arm, neck and shoulder blades was completely gone. It has been five years since that first group of sessions and I have not had any pain since.

Dr. Kaneko is a genius and a wonderfully caring person. As we all know, referring people can be tricky. Everyone’s guy is the best. Dr. Kaneko is different and you won’t know until you know. I have referred him to several people since my initial treatment and everyone raves about him with no exception. He is the one person I can refer with absolute confidence. I continue to see Dr. Kaneko for my overall well-being and wish I could do it more. I don’t care how far you have to go; after one session you will be thrilled to have access to Dr. Kaneko’s genius. He’ll make you feel like his only patient and, if your problem can be solved without surgery, he’s the guy who will deliver results.” ~James R.

“After being diagnosed with a rotator cuff tear and having suffered a large loss in motion range, I was directed to take cortisone shots and start rehabilitation therapy. Dr. Kaneko had helped me with back problems a couple years before and his mastery of acupuncture and acupressure had solved these recurring problems.

I decided to forgo the cortisone shots and the chiropractor approach and instead see if Dr. Kaneko could fix my shoulder pain and recover the lost range of motion. Dr. Kaneko treated me with acupuncture, acupressure, and Chinese herb compresses over the course of approximately two months. Amazingly, all pain disappeared and I recovered about 90% of my range of motion. Dr. Kaneko managed to dramatically change my quality of life with no need for heavy drugs (like cortisone and other painkillers) or the invasiveness of chiropractic care.” ~JP Clement – Pacific Palisades, CA

“Dr. Kaneko has been an incredible asset to me over the last 10+ years, resolving various injuries I have sustained as a lifelong soccer player and surfer of 35 years. Dr. Kaneko initially assisted me with a range of motion issue (related to a surgery for a broken ankle). Various physical therapists could not get my range of motion back through normal sessions. The visits with Dr. Kaneko made huge improvements for me, allowing me to get back to athletic activity within a week of seeing him.

In the years to follow, Dr. Kaneko has assisted me by relieving and resolving various injuries to my lower back, neck, elbows, feet, etc. The combination of techniques he uses are unique and always result in dramatic improvements, allowing me to get back to the activities I love.

I would recommend Dr. Kaneko to anyone who has acute or general injuries that have been nagging them (where they cannot get over the hump thru normal physical therapy or tissue work). I have seen many therapists over the 35 years of heavy athletic activity in my life, and Dr. Kaneko is the one person I go to now because he is head and shoulders above the rest.” ~Scott Ridgley – Pacific Palisades, CA

“In 2010 I had severe knee pain and could not walk without a crutch. After MRIs and bone scans and other tests, the orthopedists could not find anything wrong and had no solution for me but to stay on crutches and limit my activities for three months. I consulted with Dr. Kaneko who treated me with massage and electronic acupuncture. After two treatments, the knee pain disappeared completely. I threw away the crutches and resumed my active life, including playing golf three to four times per week.” ~H.L. – Pacific Palisades, CA

“My first visit to Dr. Kaneko was in 2002 regarding a chronic back injury. I did not know that when I walked into his office I would be meeting a healing artist. Dr. Kaneko took the time to hear my entire story, asked focused questions, and gave me the best massage and acupuncture of my life. Although it had been years that I experienced pain, within a very short period of time I was playing full-court basketball again for hours on end. I was so moved by my experience that I have sent more people than I can remember to him always with the most positive responses. If you have a chance to be worked on by Dr. Kaneko, please treat yourself by accepting that opportunity.” ~Robert Martin Bencangey – West Los Angeles

“As clichéd as it sounds, working with Dr. Kaneko has been a truly life-transforming experience. I would go so far as to say it is like being given the breath of life. Somewhere in his 40 years of experience with acupuncture and Shiatsu, he has learned to play the human body as elegantly and gracefully as a great composer tinkering on a piano. The results are just as magical. I wish I knew just how he did it, because the results are pure genius. He knows exactly what to do to put me in a zone where I feel just right, where my energies create great things around me and where I go from being in a state where I don’t feel good and nothing quite works out to everything being in perfect alignment. The shift is seismic energetically and emotionally, and I would be lost without it as I face huge challenges on the physical, energetic and emotional level.

When I started working with Dr. Kaneko three years ago, I was a burnt-out wreck. Every system in my body was out of balance, from my metabolism to my hormonal system. In working with Dr. Kaneko, I began to feel magical and magical things happened. I lost 45 lbs without even trying, and my body and mind came back into balance, most importantly, I rediscovered life. I began dancing again, studied Shiatsu, and began assisting him and experienced a whole new world. When I do two sessions a week, my body and mind become perfectly calibrated, as does my world. I find that once a week doesn’t quite hit the spot for me and recommend any one who can to do as many sessions as possible to find what works for them. We have also made huge steps in keeping uterine fibroids under control using electric acupuncture which is a lifesaver. Thank you, Dr. Kaneko.” ~L.F. – United Kingdom

“I came to see Dr. Kaneko two months ago. My mother had died and I was trouble sleeping and eating. I was experiencing severe tension headaches and numbness in different parts of my body. Dr. Kaneko worked on balancing and opening up the energy channels in my body. He taught me breathing and meditation techniques to calm my mind. He encouraged and reinforced my own knowledge of self-healing.

I learned specific locations of acupuncture points to help me sleep and stimulate my immune system. Dr. Kaneko spoke to me about “Divine waiting” and the importance of being patient with my journey. And that to experience the pain and grief would lead to a greater knowledge and awareness as I healed. He encourages me to believe that all experiences are necessary for growth. Slowly but surely, my symptoms disappeared. My sleep returned to normal and my energy followed along with a big smile. The beauty of Dr. Kaneko’s treatment is that it connects the mind, body, and soul; working together to create harmony and peace to aid in the process of self-healing. Thank you.” ~Dr. Kane

“I was referred to the Dr. Kaneko by my daughter who studied under his Shiatsu Classes. I had suffered from migraine headaches for over 20 years. They generally lasted for 2-3 days and during that time I could not bear loud noises, strong odors, or bright light. Frequently I was nauseous and could not eat during the attack, so I had an acupuncture and shiatsu treatment with Dr. Kaneko. I left with a huge smile on my face and felt as though I was walking six inches off the ground. My pain was gone and I have not had another migraine attack in 20 years since then!

I continue to see Dr. Kaneko whenever I have pain and always find relief. He has treated my sciatica pain, acute stomach ailments, IBS, as well as muscle and nerve pain resulting from an auto accident. I put a great deal of faith in Dr. Kaneko, and his professional, kind, and understanding care.”
~Mary A.