Ramona Popa


Ramona Popa

Esthetician, Reflexologist, Massage Therapist, Reiki Healer, Sound Massage Tuning Forks, Vertical Massage Fascia System, Pain Management, Thai, Corevdic Divine Alignment

Certifications: Acces Consciousness, Thai, Lomi lomi,  Reflexology, Corevedic, Cranialsacral in Italy

Working with the body for over 10 years,  Ramona  has focused her craft on all the manifestations of cellular damage and accelerated aging that are skin deep, providing her clients with measurable results in both their visual appearance and their overall sense of well-being.

A native of Romania, Ramona incorporates her deeply rooted cultural and educational experiences as a skin care therapist to promote her philosophy “skin care is health care”.

Ramona brings a unique approach to her clients that combines the “magic” of traditional remedies with modern technologies to provide a deeper nurturing experience for you.

Her passion for exploring healing through complementary therapies. She previously worked as a licensed esthetician and massage therapist in Italy and Los Angeles and has pursued additional training in Foot and body Reading, Fascia system Integrated Energy Therapy, Pain management and Reiki. Her passion for helping people achieve well-being through various techniques. She is delighted to join the amazing team at the Tikkun Spa.


“Ramona helped me with the sciatica pain I’d been in for a long time. Before my treatment as I was laying on the bed one leg was longer than the other. After one Divine Alignment treatment with Ramona, my body is more balanced and my legs are straighter. Even my face is more symmetrical!”